Configurable CAD models for Brushless DC motors

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The online 3D model system makes it very easy for an engineer to evaluate different part configurations in a virtual environment. A customer can configure a part by choosing such parameters as motor voltage, torque rating, gearbox ratio, and encoder resolution. After configuring a part as many times as necessary, the file can then be downloaded in the most commonly used CAD software file formats including Solid Works, CATIA, and Pro/E. The file also can be downloaded in a vendor-neutral format, such as an .IGS or .STP file. The system allows the creation of a fully dimensioned outline drawing generated directly from the configured CAD model.

After a virtual configuration is created using the online 3D model system, a product engineer can work closely with Pittman applications engineers to create a more customized application-specific solution. Options include optimized motor windings, unique shaft configurations, various bearing systems, output devices such as pinions and pulleys, special lead wire assemblies, and various other features.

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