Configurable sea-of-capacitors takes on MLCC

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By Nick Flaherty

Voltage regulator developer Empower Semiconductor has launched a sea-of-capacitors designs built with silicon technology to take on mainstream Multi-Layer Ceramic Capacitor (MLCC) devices.

During the development of its regulator, the company found that the capacitor technology was holding back the system design.

E-CAP technology allows for groups of varying capacitor values and sizes to be integrated onto a single die. Space critical applications that cannot afford to have a sea of capacitors spaced out can use the technology which allows devices 80 percent smaller than equivalent MLCC. Height limited applications are also addressed as the devices are under 100µm thick.

The implementation has configurations up to 8.4µF with a low ESL of 15pH and no DC or AC bias de-rating, no temperature de-rating, and no significant effects of aging. 

“Our team always targets knocking down technology barriers to enable the next generation of applications. We have had tremendous customer demand and interest in the game-changing technology of the IVR power ICs and now, once again, with our breakthrough of re-imagining the capacitor,” said Steve Shultis, Senior Vice President WW Sales and Marketing at Empower Semiconductor.

“During the development of our EP70XX IVR, we determined that off-the-shelf capacitor technology was not good enough for demanding applications. As a result, we re-designed it with the performance we required in size and flexibility. We are excited to make this technology available to our partners.”

Empower says E-CAP opens up demanding new applications in IoT, wearables, mobile, and processors where size, performance, and flexibility are essential.

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