Connected bollard fights Covid-19

Connected bollard fights Covid-19

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By Nick Flaherty

A self-powered, connected bollard dispensing hand gel is rolling out in Paris, France, to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

The patent-pending bollard has been developed by AMCO Les Escamotables and is being installed at a train station in Paris.

The ‘Miss Clean’ bollard is powered by a solar panel, rechargeable battery or mains and uses a programmable logic controller (PLC) and 4G connection using the MODBUS protocol. The PLC dispenses hand gel using an infrared proximity sensor at 5s to 15s intervals to avoid over-use, and can deliver 15,000 doses. Data from the bollard is transmitted over a TCP/IP or 4G link to a manager to indicate the number of doses distributed, the filling rate and the number of remaining doses. 

“The progressive installation of Miss Clean bollards in urban areas will therefore make it possible to fight the COVID-19 virus at a lower cost. These bollards will surely soon become part of our environment in the long term and will change the morals of the French so that the occasional use of hydro-alcoholic gel will become a habit in our streets,” said Hélène Lorenzi-Hardouin, Assistant General Manager at LBA Group.

The use of the bollard allows companies to make financial savings since it reduces the need for employees to distribute gel at store entrances and to city staff in urban areas. The steel bollard also includes LED lighting and can be customised

“We are happy to have been able to develop this project in less than a month, thanks to the design office and production that will be mobilized to respond to the health and economic crisis,” said Lorenzi-Hardouin.

AMCO Les Escamotables  is part of the LBA Group, which was formd in a merger with La Barrière Automatique in 1984 and provides systems from the simplest barrier to manage flows to high security harrows for toll and car park operators as well as private sites.

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