Connected-device “platform-as-a-service” vendor adds Eu presence

Connected-device “platform-as-a-service” vendor adds Eu presence

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Ayla provides all levels of data services “in the cloud” (it runs its services on the Amazon cloud). Its customers, say company representatives, span the range from device makers who realise they need a connected-device offering but have zero experience in managing the data aspects: through to corporations already well-versed in Internet-based service offering who can access more advanced “big data” analytics in addition to functional management of their products. More typically, says Ayla, its customers areless interested in “big data” than they are in “some data” – gaining insights into certain key metrics of their product or service.

Ayla offers a platform that allows the manufacturer of a device to get its product connected; and connected in multiple ways. The platform offers compete control of data, with the ability to control who can see which aspects of the data: and it gives manufacturers feedback to refine their product and/or service. Ayla expects the IoT to remain a fragmented market, and therefore structures its platform to be capable of servicing many different business models. Accordingly, its users can customise their access to the cloud by configuring the user interface of the cloud service.

At the level of the mechanics of connecting to the cloud, Ayla says it is working with WiFi silicon makers – you can obtain a Broacom WiFi modem with Ayla software flashed on it, as a catalogue part. Recognising that many users will use the smartphone as a UI, the company also has a team that can assist with app creation.

The company says it has built a high level of security into its platform, with a multi-layered approach. A key element is the approach of generating one (encryption) key per divice, and that key itself has a limited life after which it expires. On the subject Ayla comments, “We don’t believe we need to re-invent security [for the IoT] – existing best-practice should suffice.”

Ayla has now extended its agile Internet of Things (IoT) platform, providing connectivity for any kind of product,with the launch of its Europe IoT Cloud service and the extension to Europe of [its existing] key technology partnerships with Amazon AWS, Broadcom, Qualcomm, Marvell, Murata and USI.

“Ayla’s core approach to the IoT market has always been to remove the ‘friction’ of IoT connectivity at every level imaginable, and the strict EU privacy regulations add a non-technical layer of complexity for any manufacturer that wants to sell connected products in Europe,” said David Friedman, CEO and co-founder of Ayla Networks. “With the Ayla cloud platform, manufacturers can use the same IoT technology to launch connected versions of their products in multiple regions, instead of duplicating development efforts for each region.”

Because the Ayla Europe cloud is compliant with EU data privacy policies, manufacturers wanting to sell connected products in Europe “inherit” that compliance when they use the Ayla IoT platform. As a result, they can save considerable time and money by not having to design solutions for EU privacy compliance themselves.

The strategic partnerships with Wi-Fi chip makers Broadcom, Qualcomm and Marvell, and with module makers Murata and USI, are important foundational elements of Ayla’s growing ecosystem in Europe. Ayla uses Amazon’s AWS cloud service as its global cloud provider, including for its new cloud service in Europe.

The latest introduction from the company is Ayla Insights value-added service, which is an extension to its IoT platform. By transforming real-world data generated by IoT products into actionable information, the Ayla Insights service provides a feedback loop that manufacturers can use to improve processes, iterate and improve product development and to create and deliver new value-added services to their customers.

Ayla Insights takes care of all the development effort needed to generate industry- and device-specific reports about IoT-connected products; manufacturers do not need to do any custom software development. Instead, manufacturers can use the Ayla Insights simple dashboard interface to see detailed information and generate application-specific and dynamic ad-hoc reports about how actual customers are using their connected products and how those products have moved through the supply chain. They can answer questions such as, How many products have been sold, to whom, and where? How often are customers using the products, at what times, and for how long? What features are customers using most frequently? Are the products performing to specs?

Offered as an add-on service to the Ayla IoT platform, Ayla Insights will be available in three tiers, with pricing transaction-based and varying by tier:

Basic Insights provides a configurable dashboard for reports on device connectivity and customer usage.

Advanced Insights provides application-specific, vertical market-focused metrics.

Designer Insights lets manufacturers configure and make their own reports or add custom reports and metrics.

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