Contactless swipes in place of touch-control

Contactless swipes in place of touch-control
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French ToF sensors provider Terabee is now offering its compact and lightweight modules to implement contactless interfaces which can be operated through remote swiping gestures to control equipment, open doors and interact with screens and kiosks.
By Julien Happich


The 42x30x13mm Evo Swipe is a small optical Time-of-Flight sensor integrating everything on-board to facilitate left/right, right/left or up and down gesture recognition. By eliminating the need to press buttons, pull levers, or click a mouse, this touchless interface greatly reduces the risks for virus spread and infection. GDPR compliant by design, the 9-gram unit embeds gesture recognition algorithm for rapid integration with any system. It operates at a wavelength of 940nm, features a wild field of view of 27° and has a detection range of 0.1m to 0.5m with an update rate of 20Hz.

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