Renata’s Zinc-Air Batteries: the perfect power source for your medical devices.

Renata’s Zinc-Air Batteries: the perfect power source for your medical devices.


Renata batteries provide reliable power and performance over a long period of time, making them an excellent choice for long-term power needs.

With a wide range of capacities, voltages and chemistries, Renata batteries can be tailored to meet almost any power requirement.

The development of medical devices is a challenging process that requires a significant investment of both time and money. It is also a process that carries with it a certain degree of risk.

Furthermore, the device must be thoroughly tested in order to identify and minimize potential risks. All of these steps can be costly and time-consuming, but they are essential in order to bring a successful medical device to market.

Renata batteries are characterized by offering a wide range of applications.

Our zinc – air batteries are designed for high currents and are valued in particular for their extra – long operating life.

The operating life of a zinc – air battery, however, depends on different factors, for example:  the type of hearing aid, the selected amplification, the ambient noise level and climatic conditions, and finally the temperature or humidity.

An activated zinc – air battery not under load can generate a voltage of more than 1.45 V, and the operating voltage is slightly lower.  If the voltage in a digital hearing aid drops below 1.1 V, then an alarm will sound or the device will switch off automatically. In zinc – air batteries the voltage remains constant during the entire operating life, and the charge state cannot be determined by measurement of the voltage.

Our newest generation not only meets the highest requirements in the industry today, but is also optimally suitable for analogue and digital, as well as for ultra-high-power hearing aids. 

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