The Swiss power source

The Swiss power source


Power to millions of different end devices around the world.

The foundation of Renata SA starts in Frenkendorf, at a time when the watch industry in Switzerland was still flourishing, the Second World War had passed a few years and the spirit of optimism prevailed: in 1952, the company was founded by Kurt Zehntner.

The first goal was to assemble and sell hairspring balance wheels for the watch industry.

In 1976, the plant moved a few kilometers away to Itingen, where it is still located today and where great emphasis is placed on in-house automation and process development.

RENATA SA, headquartered in Itingen near Basel (Switzerland), is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of primary and secondary microbatteries.


Our main products are silver oxide batteries for low and high-power applications, lithium 3V coin cells with arresters for industrial application, thin film batteries, battery holders, zinc air batteries for hearing aids, rechargeable lithium-Ion polymer batteries and rechargeable coin cells.

The company specialized in coin cells in the late 1970s, initially focusing on the wristwatch industry. Today, RENATA develops and manufactures innovative, low-cost, environmentally friendly and high-quality solutions for wristwatches, medical and industrial applications.

RENATA masters the entire production process: from die-cut battery cases to injection-molded plastic seals, battery chemical preparation and final assembly.

We develop high-quality batteries with a long service life and operate our own recycling facilities for used batteries. By continuously improving the life and performance of our batteries, we firstly ensure maximum customer satisfaction, which enables them to create smaller and more efficient applications.

Our range of batteries, which includes more than 50 standard products, consists mainly of button cells, of which there are different types. You will not find “Renata” brand batteries in retail stores, but the company produces batteries sold under other brand names.

This high level of vertical integration has earned RENATA a reputation as an extremely flexible and reliable supplier of batteries. The consistently high quality and performance of the coin cells is in no small part the result of RENATA’s reliable quality assurance system.

Renata is increasingly positioning and engaging itself in the field of medical applications with its new developments, while at the same time the company is undergoing a transformation in terms of manufacturing technologies and environmental compatibility.

In our production, we pay particular attention to saving energy and resources and reducing emissions. Our electricity is generated exclusively from 100% hydropower. View Renata on Youtube


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