Continental acquires cybersecurity expert Argus

Continental acquires cybersecurity expert Argus

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

Today, vehicles are increasingly connected, and software is the most important precondition for innovations in the field of intelligent, efficient and automated mobility. By 2020, hundreds of millions of these “rolling computers” will be on the roads around the world and communicate as part of the Internet of Everything. The downside of this development is that networked mobility is becoming a potential target for hacker attacks, entailing risks to people and property. In response, vehicle manufacturers and suppliers around the world are feverishly working to develop appropriate strategies and countermeasures.

“Only safe mobility is intelligent mobility. With the acquisition of Argus Cyber Security, we are expanding our capabilities in the field of IT security”, comments Helmut Matschi, Member of the Executive Board of Continental and Head of the Interior Division. “Together with Argus as leading experts in vehicle IT security, we will be able to develop and provide solutions and services for our customers in the future to make mobility smarter and safer.”

Founded in 2013 by Israeli cyber security experts, Argus (Tel Aviv, Israel), employs a team of about 70 people. With patented technology (38 patents), Argus offers comprehensive cybersecurity solutions.

To enable vehicle manufacturers to respond quickly to the growing demand for IT security solutions, Argus has established extensive collaborations with key players in the industry such as Bosch and Infineon and sells its products and technologies to vehicle manufacturers and suppliers all over the world. Argus has agencies in Japan, Germany and North America.

Together, the companies will create multi-tiered end-to-end security solutions and

In addition, the company offers a wide range of services including intrusion detection and prevention, attack surface protection, as well as health monitoring and management for the IT security of vehicle fleets. The Security Operations Center (SOC), which is also part of the portfolio, is designed to protect vehicles during their service life. The companies will also provide wireless software update (OTA) solutions.

Continental plans to merge Argus with its software subsidiary Elektrobit. “Since vehicles are today defined by software and we face completely new challenges, we are pursuing a proactive approach to developing new forms of collaboration and interaction. EB and Argus have been partners in the development of IT security solutions and wireless software updates since 2016. By adding Argus to our portfolio, we will be able to drive the development of our software forward,” said Alexander Kocher, President & Managing Director of EB.

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