Controller drives two BLDC motors simultaneously

Controller drives two BLDC motors simultaneously

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

The controller’s two channels can be operated independently or combined to set the direction and rotation of a vehicle by coordinating the motors on each side (tank-like steering).

Combined with Roboteq’s MGS1600 magnetic guide sensor, the 80x120x25mm unit can be used to design an automatic guided vehicle with just two components.

The SBL2360 supports advanced features such as sinusoidal commutation with field oriented control. It is compatible with all common, and less common rotor sensors types: hall sensors, resolvers, sin/cos, quadrature and SSI encoders. It can also operate motors in sensorless mode. The controller includes up to 8 analog, 10 digital and 6 pulse inputs. Four 1A digital outputs are provided for activating lights, valves, brakes or other accessories. The SBL2360 accepts commands received from an RC radio, analog joystick, wireless modem, PLC or microcomputer. Using CAN bus, up to 127 controllers can be networked at up to 1Mbit/s on a single twisted pair.

The controller’s operation can be extensively automated and customized using Basic Language scripts. The controller can also be configured, monitored and tuned in real-time using a Roboteq’s free PC utility.

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