Cool down with GraphiteTM

Cool down with GraphiteTM

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By Wisse Hettinga

High thermal conductivity, simple installation and highly stable performance even after thousands of power cycles thanks to the highly crystallized graphite technology

GraphiteTIM enables an extended lifetime of your device while decreasing the total costs of ownership and simplifying maintenance work by:

Low initial thermal resistance
The high thermal conductivity and high compressibility of GraphiteTIM effectively fills voids and flattens the surface roughness between the heat-source and heat-sink. Initial thermal resistance is reduced by the applied pressure, reaching its optimum between 300kpa and 600kpa.

Stable performance for full lifetime
Graphite is chemically stable for a long period compared to grease or phase change materials. As solid sheet, it shows no pump-out or drying effects even after years of usage.

Easy installation and handling
Easy to attach and remove from the cooler and module. No need for high equipment investment in production, simply exchange in the field is easily manageable

Source: Panasonic Industry


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