cPCI board has 20 ports of SPE single pair Ethernet

cPCI board has 20 ports of SPE single pair Ethernet

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The SY7-CYCLONE CompactPCI FPGA board from EKF has 20 ports of single pair Ethernet (SPE) for industrial automation
By Nick Flaherty


EKF in Germany has developed a CompactPCI Serial FPGA board with front panel connectors for up to 20x100Mbps port of Single Pair Ethernet (SPE).

SPE is an emerging networking standard for many  industrial automation applications, and with 20 SPE ports the SY7-CYCLONE can be used as a configurable gateway.

The SY7-CYCLONE board uses an Intel Cyclone-V FPGA along with 100BASE-T1 physical layer (PHY) chips designed for automotive systems by NXP. These support a cable length of at least 15m over a single unshielded twisted pair for an SPE connection.

The 5CGXFC7C6F23I7N FPGA includes the PCI Express interface as hard IP with 150K logic elements and 56480 adaptive logic modules. It also includes 156 variable-precision DSP blocks and 312 18 x 18 multipliers.

There is also an FPGA mezzanine expansion connector to a secondary SY7-CYCLONE board

The PCI Express x4 interface allows the board to be configured as an industrial Ethernet network interface card (NIC), switch, router, or gateway. Industrial Ethernet real time protocols and custom specific applications may be integrated.

The SY7-CYCLONE 4HP basic board supports a temperature range of -40°C to +85°C and is equipped with 10 SPE ports using five Molex Mini50 jacks that are USCAR approved. The 8HP version provides a secondary FPGA and 20 SPE ports in total.


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