Cree XLamp CMA LEDs now in stock at RS Components

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Designed for best-in-class lumen output and efficacy at high drive currents, the XLamp CMA series features an enhanced metal COB design that ensures superior thermal management and reliability. Devices are available in 15, 18, 25 and 30mm square package sizes, with 9mm, 12/14mm, 19mm and 23mm light-emitting surface (LES) sizes respectively. They can be driven at up to 1050mA, for the 15mm parts, or 3600mA for 30mm parts, generating typical radiant flux from 16W to 82W respectively. XLamp CMA series LEDs are available in colour temperatures from 6500K to 2700K, and leverage Cree’s EasyWhite technology for optimum colour consistency.
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