Crocus and Morpho join forces to develop smart cards based on magnetic-logic-unit technology

Crocus and Morpho join forces to develop smart cards based on magnetic-logic-unit technology

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Crocus Technology and Morpho announced an agreement to develop and commercialize the world's first smart card based on Crocus' magnetic-logic-unit (MLU) technology. The agreement enables the companies to collaborate on a new breed of smart cards, which integrate Crocus' MLU technology with Morpho's smart card architecture.
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Under the terms of the agreement, Crocus will develop an MLU-based secure microcontroller which Morpho will integrate into its smart card products. The secure microcontroller product will be compliant with the latest quality and security standards.

Crocus’ MLU, based on a magnetics architecture, is a scalable evolution of its Thermally Assisted Switching (TAS) technology. MLU enables practical implementation of advanced logic and memory capabilities, a first for the industry. It is anticipated that the increased security, speed, reliability and cost efficiency offered by Crocus’ MLU technology will provide significant advantages for Morpho’s smart cards. Previous generations of smart card designs have been based on Flash memory technology, and this application of MLU is a first in the $20+ billion smart card and microcontroller semiconductor market segments.

"This partnership offers a unique opportunity to combine Morpho’s industry leading smart card expertise with our breakthrough MLU innovation," said Dr. Bertrand F. Cambou, executive chairman of Crocus Technology. "We are convinced that together we will be able to offer next generation smart cards that are more robust, tamper-proof and cost effective"

Crocus’s MLU technology offers significant advantages over competing memory technologies including low power usage, high speed, unlimited endurance (read and write cycles), inherent non-volatility, and provides a first-of-its-kind logic capability (including Match-In-Place for secure authentication.)

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