CSEM opens a polytronics development center in Muttenz, Switzerland

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The CSEM polytronics development center develops and industrializes micro- and nanotechnologies for polymer surfaces. It acts as an industry-related bridge between the academic world and industry, thereby supplementing existing activities in the region. This involves CSEM primarily working with established companies, but also supporting the creation of new firms, whether spin-offs or start-ups of existing businesses or of CSEM. CSEM’s decision to locate its polytronics development center in Muttenz marks, according to Urs Wüthrich-Pelloli, member of the governing council and Head of Department for Education, Culture and Sport for the Canton of Basel-Landschaft, an important contribution to reinforcing the region’s reputation as an attractive economic and scientific location.

Polytronics, also known as polymer electronics, which involves the use of electrically conducting and semi-conducting plastics and their applications, is currently at an early stage of industrialization after decades of research. Being an interdisciplinary technology, it combines new materials and structures with large-scale production processes involving thin layers. Thanks to these layers, very low-cost, complex products can be manufactured for a wide variety of products, which are thin, light, flexible and environmentally friendly.

The new polytronics development center in Muttenz primarily focuses on photovoltaics and the protection of high-value items like pharmaceuticals, medical technology products and the development of new sensor platforms for biotechnology. In addition, with the development’s center close proximity, local industry enjoys improved access to the existing CSEM network operating in the fields of system engineering, micro- and nanotechnology, robotics and nanomedicine in Switzerland.

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