CUDO-LEDs improve perception of people with colour vision problems

CUDO-LEDs improve perception of people with colour vision problems

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

The models SMLD12E2N1W and SMLD12E3N1W are the first 1608 size LEDs to be certified by the non-profit Japanese Color Universal Design Organization (CUDO). This allows color schemes and designs to be created that are easily recognizable by everyone – even those who cannot perceive color differences. So-called Color Universal Designs (CUD) are suitable for a wide range of applications such as luminous displays for fire alarm systems, warning lamps for industrial plants and information displays for public transport.

Color is considered one of the most important means of communication and as such is used daily in many different ways. However, over 200 million people worldwide with color vision problems find it difficult to distinguish between red and green. Because color vision varies from person to person, it is difficult to understand how different people perceive certain colors. This can be uncomfortable and even problematic because other people may not notice this deficiency.

Therefore, there is a growing need in society to implement a universal color design that takes into account the different types of color vision. ROHM has now developed blue-green chip LEDs with special wavelengths. These products are ideal for implementing a universal color design in a variety of devices.

By using a new resin, the manufacturer can significantly extend the lifetime of the LEDs. At the same time, deterioration in light intensity is reduced compared to conventional epoxy resins and dimensional stability is improved compared to silicone resins. In addition, the company guarantees higher reliability. ROHM also offers AEC-Q102 qualified products that ensure trouble-free use in vehicles and industrial plants requiring extreme reliability.

By obtaining the Color Universal Design Certification for ROHM’s blue-green SMLD12E2N1W and SMLD12E3N1W LEDs, people with different types of color vision and sensitivities can now accurately perceive color patterns realized with ROHM’s blue LEDs (SMLD12BN1WT86, λD: 470nm) and warm color LEDs (SML-D15YW, λD: 590nm; SML-D15DW, λD: 605nm).

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