Custom-fit wearable VR Headset

Custom-fit wearable VR Headset

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By Wisse Hettinga

Beyond features OLED displays with 5K resolution, custom pancake optics, all in a 127-gram form factor

Bigscreen unveiled Bigscreen Beyond, the new very small VR headset. Weighing just 127 grams and measuring less than 1-inch at its thinnest point, Beyond has an form factor that is 6X lighter than competing VR devices. Beyond features ultra-high resolution OLED displays, custom pancake optics, and tethers to a PC for ultimate VR immersion.

Each device is custom-built to the shape of a customer’s face, providing unparalleled comfort for long duration VR experiences. “As passionate VR enthusiasts, we built the VR headset we wanted for ourselves,” said Darshan Shankar, Bigscreen’s Founder & CEO. “Today’s leading VR headsets have doubled in weight compared to headsets from 2016. We built Beyond because we felt VR was too heavy, bulky, and uncomfortable. We invented new technologies to increase comfort, and developed ultra-high-end components like OLED microdisplays and pancake optics to increase immersion. To deliver the best software experience for watching movies in Bigscreen, we also had to build the best hardware with Bigscreen Beyond.”

Inside Bigscreen Beyond are two OLED displays, each with a resolution of 2560 x 2560 pixels. The combined 5120 x 2560 pixel resolution is 2-3X higher resolution than leading VR headsets. Tiny 7.2-μm wide pixels, RGB stripe subpixels, and an incredible fill factor solves a distracting problem in VR known as the Screen Door Effect. With Beyond, pixels are no longer visible to the eye. OLED displays provide an unparalleled experience in VR, with vibrant colors and deep blacks. It enables seeing details in shadows that are impossible with LCD and LED displays, greatly enhancing realism and immersion in VR. Beyond pairs the OLED displays with custom pancake optics to create a wide field of view and a groundbreaking 28 pixels-per-degree (PPD) image. Beyond features a 3-element optical design composed of glass, plastic polymers, films, and coatings that results in a smaller, lighter form factor and a huge improvement in optical clarity compared to older-generation single-element Fresnel lenses.

“Instead of one-size-fits-all consumer electronics, we believe VR headsets should be a custom-fit wearable device more like prescription eyewear,” said Philip Krejov, Bigscreen’s Head of Hardware.

After ordering a Beyond, each customer will receive an email to scan themselves using Bigscreen’s iPhone application. Each Beyond is custom-made based on the 3D face scan, which measures the shape of the customer’s face and the position of their eyes. An iPhone XR or newer is required for the one-time 3D face scan, and is not required to use the Beyond.

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