Customisable 4K camera module targets AI

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By Nick Flaherty

Memory module maker Innodisk has launched a range of camera modules aimed at AI machine learning applications with plans for 4K resolution.

Over 50% of Innodisk’s AI development is related to image recognition, so the company launched the camera module series to support image recognition technology.

The module offers customized development, platform compatibility, and an adaptable image signal processor (IS) for customer algorithms.

The first modules support USB 2.0 and MIPI with the EV2U-RMR2, EV2U-SGR1, and EV2U-RMR1 and it is planning a 4K cameras with auto focus.

Camera modules are used in a wide variety of applications, from ATMs to hospital bedside infotainment systems. The camera modules are optimised for applications such as AI image recognition, where a small MIPI camera may need to fit into a parking meter or smart charging station to detect number plates, or into a production line to detect defects automatically.

Alongside Innodisk’s other video recording technologies such as InnoREC for solid state disks, the company creates a complete solution for integrators with video capture needs.

“Innodisk AI is the complete integration of software and hardware solutions, in addition to key technologies such as platforms and algorithms,” said Johnny Wu, Director of Innodisk’s International Intelligent Peripheral Application Division.

“The recently launched camera module series will blossom in various emerging AI and intelligent applications around the world, and are expected to achieve outstanding results in the increasingly prosperous field of AI computer vision applications.”



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