Customized 25-qubit processor available in 30 days

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By Nick Flaherty

Dutch quantum processor developer QuantWare has developed a customizable 25-qubit chip that lets customers design and receive their own device in 30 days.

The 25-qubit processor platform is called Contralto and it gives customers access to high-performance quantum computing at a fraction of the cost of developing their own processor in house.

Contralto offer the ability to add  asymmetric SQUID [superconducting quantum interference device] junctions, Purcell filters, and custom qubit topology. Meanwhile, dedicated drive and flux lines provide qubit control.

“Building a large-scale, full-stack quantum computer can cost in the region of €45m. The Contralto creates the opportunity to build one for an order of magnitude lower cost, opening up a myriad of new opportunities which could not be explored before,” said Matthijs Rijlaarsdam, QuantWare managing director.

This follows the 5-qubit Soprano processor launched by QuantWare in July 2021. Since then the company has tripled its staff headcount.

The QuantWare Contralto is available now, and the company is already looking towards their next release, according to QuantWare director of engineering Dr. Alessandro Bruno: “Our next processor will be based on a new proprietary architecture, which will allow us to scale very rapidly, making even larger QPUs accessible and affordable.”

QuantWare is a spin-off from TU Delft that develops, designs and fabricates superconducting quantum processors and amplifiers.

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