Danisense partners with National Instruments on power analysis

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The current transducers features high accuracy, high bandwidth and low phase shift which are key requirements for accurate power measurement.

National Instruments’ RM-26999 is a rack-mounted, signal conditioning device that connects to simultaneous-sampling multifunction I/O devices for power measurements. It features four voltage input channels with peak voltages up to 2,000 V and four current transducer ports for current measurements. The current transducer ports are optimized for flux-gate transducers by providing all the power, communication, and signal lines required for accurate measurements. The RM-26999 can be used with the modular PXI platform, allowing test engineers to synchronize mixed measurements with their power analysis in one unified system.

“The RM-26999 was designed with Danisense sensors in mind,” according to Sam Burhans, the RM-26999’s Product Manager. “This device measures voltage up to +/-2,000 V directly, and measures indirect current up to +/-2000A thanks to the stable, isolated, and accurate Danisense current transducers. We designed the systems for quick connectivity – only a single cable is necessary to connect the RM-26999 to the Danisense transducer.” NI currently offers four models of Danisense’s isolated current transducers with voltage output. The models offered have measurement ranges of +/- 50A, +/- 200A, +/-600A, and +/-2000A and require a power supply, digital communication, and output signal lines.

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