The US government and European Commission have both highlighted the need for more detailed monitoring of global semiconductor sales following the chip shortage.

So to promote better understanding of the semiconductor supply chain, the Semiconductor Industry Association has launched the Semiconductor Monthly Unit Sales Dashboard, based on data collected by the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics organization.

It is not clear where the dashboard will be hosted but it could be found here at the time this story was posted:

The dashboard contains a three-month moving average (3MMA) of unit sales of semiconductors from January 2019 (pre-pandemic) to the most currently available data. Additionally, the data is broken down by product category, including logic, analog, memory, discretes, sensors and actuators, MOS Micro, and optoelectronics. The figures represent total numbers of units sales sold for each product category.

The data that can be extracted from the dashboard includes that from November 2019 to November 2020 the 3MMA unit sales increased by 9 percent. Over the period November 2020 to November 2021 – the most recent data available the 3MMA unit sales increased by 12 percent.

Latest WSTS data shows that from January 2019 to November 2021 the strongest growing category was logic for which 3MMA unit sales grew by 55 percent.

Total analog devices and total memory both grew by 33 percent over the same period. Total discretes and sensors and actuators grew by 27 percent and 25 percent, respectively. Meanwhile the optoelectronics category was a laggard and 3MMA unit sales only increased 3 percent.

Monthly data is given by the SIA as a three-month average although the source of the data, WSTS, tracks actual monthly data. The SIA and other regional semiconductor industry bodies opt to use averaged data because it evens out the actual data that typically shows troughs at the beginnings of quarters and peaks at the ends of quarters.

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