DC-DC converter in RRC 2040 battery format

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By Nick Flaherty

The PMM240-MG converts the 19-24V of the charger power supply to the battery voltage of approximately 12V at up to 2A, allowing battery powered equipment to be supplies by a mains source in industrial and medical applications. 

When an AC source is, the power supply of the MBC charger is connected via a DC jack to the PMM240-MG with a 17 to 24V output, saving the capacity from the 2040 Battery. It operates from -20° to +60°C.

For testing purposes the PMM240-MG is also available within Texim’s demo loan for a defined period of time. This contains the RRC-PMM240-MG converter, RRC-SMB-MBC charger and power supply, mains cables (IEC320-C5 for the power supply. IEC320-C5(EU)   IEC320-C5(SWISS)   IEC320-C5(UK)   IEC320-C5(UL)) and an RRC-2040 battery.


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