DC-DC converter with negative output voltage shrinks in size

DC-DC converter with negative output voltage shrinks in size

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By Nick Flaherty

Torex Semiconductor has launched a DC-DC converter with a built in inductor to provide a negative output voltage in a 2.5 x 2.0 x 1.0mm CL-2025-02 package.

The coil-integrated XCL303/XCL304 negative voltage micro DC-DC converter comes with increased oscillating frequency to 2.5MHz and the mounting area of the is reduced by approximately 78 percent compared to general negative voltage output DC-DC (from 65.25mm2 to 14.43mm2).

Integrating the coil together with the DC-DC simplifies the circuit board layout and minimizes potential noise interference.

Compared to a charge pump type solution, the switching method of the XCL303/XCL304 maintains a stable output voltage even when the input voltage fluctuates. In addition, this new micro DC-DC converter can support maximum output current 300mA (when VIN = 3.3V, VOUT = -3.0V). The PWM controlled XCL303 series can be selected for applications where low noise is important, and the PWM/PFM automatic switching controlled XCL304 series can be selected for applications where high efficiency at light load current and low noise at high load current is important.

The XCL303/XCL304 series allows users to select either a PWM control or PWM/PFM automatic switching control method, which are optimum for low noise and small negative voltage devices such as optical communication equipment. Output voltage can be adjusted within the range of -1.2V to -6.0V using externally mounted resistors.

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