DC/DC converters deliver highly integrated solutions for consumer applications

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Capable of handling continuous load currents of up to 2 A or 3 A, respectively, theAP6502 and AP6503 can support 12 V and 5 V bus systems and are able to achieve efficiency rates as high as 95%. The output voltage is set using an external resistor divider, which can accommodate any output voltage setting down to 0.925 V. 

With a switching frequency of 340 kHz, and incorporating low RDSON high and low side power MOSFETS that reduce the need for external components, both devices are efficient, space-saving solutions, particularly effective for distributed power architectures.

Additionally, the parts include an external, programmable soft-start control input, which reduces excess current during initial power-up of the application. The combination of enable and programmable soft-start helps in systems requiring power sequencing. Integrated over-current protection (OCP) and thermal shutdown features stabilize the system and ensure long-term reliability.      

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