DC-DC point of load buck regulator integrates inductor to save space

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By Nick Flaherty

Infineon has launched a point of load DC-DC converter with integrated inductor to save space in industrial and server designs.

The TDM3883 and 3885 IPOL are fully integrated single-output buck converters, offering a high-efficiency continuous 3A/4A load capability and line regulation over a wide input supply range (4.5 – 14 V).

The integrated inductor and capacitors reduce external components and allow easier designs with much higher power density. The integration offers improved performance compared to discrete solutions due to the low parasitic parameters by minimizing the PCB wiring trace needed.

In both optimized modules, Infineon tests the integrated inductor and capacitors in reliability and final test (FT), eliminating the effort of passive components selection and test.

Both modules feature a low supply current (10 μA) at shutdown resulting in longer battery life for portable applications. The tight reference voltage V REF tolerance of 0.5 V±1.0 percent and low ripple provides accurate power delivery and contribute to system stability and reliability.

To further support this, the modules use an Enhanced Stability COT (constant on time) engine with ceramic capacitors without external compensation as well as a forced continuous conduction mode (FCCM) option. In addition, the modules come with thermally-compensated internal over-current protection (OCP), enhanced light load efficiency with reduced switching frequency and diode emulation mode (DEM).

With ultra-light loads, they can enter a low quiescent current mode making them suitable for standby power applications. Other features include internal soft-start, enable input, pre-bias start-up, thermal shut down, a power-good output, over-voltage protection (OVP), and UVLO.

The TDM3883 and TDM3885 integrated POL 3A/4A single output high-efficiency buck regulator modules with integrated inductor are available in a 2.7×3.1×2.3 mm 3 PG-LGA-15-1 package and a 3.1×3.8×2.3 mm 3 PG-LGA-15-2, respectively.

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