Delphi backs self-healing solid state supercapacitor startup

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By Nick Flaherty

PolyCharge in Tucson, Arizona, has developed a proprietary process for producing high energy density capacitors with high temperature handling capabilities. NanoLam capacitors use a thin polymer dielectric layers that are formed inline with the metal electrode deposition process. The result is a self-supported, large area, capacitor composite that is segmented into individual self-healing capacitors. All of this happens in one machine – eliminating the need for extruded films, film metallization, and capacitor winding.

The minority equity investment, for an undisclosed sum, builds on an existing long-standing technology partnership between Delphi Technologies and Sigma Technologies, the parent company of PolyCharge. 

“This investment demonstrates our commitment to electro-mobility and bringing new, highly innovative technologies to solve OEM customers’ biggest challenges,” said Liam Butterworth, Delphi Technologies Chief Executive Officer. “PolyCharge’s technology delivers on both of these objectives. Our strategy is to forge strategic collaborations and investments where they support our growth ambitions and help our global customers deliver more attractive cost-effective solutions for consumers.”

Today’s inverters use a DC-link capacitor, which is based on wound polypropylene technology. The solid-state NanoLam capacitors are half the size and weight of the current technology, with significantly higher temperature resistance, says Butterworth.

“When it comes to the development of advanced propulsion technologies Delphi Technologies is a true leader,” said Dr Angelo Yializis, Chief Executive Officer of PolyCharge. “With this investment, and a strong partner in Delphi Technologies, PolyCharge is well-positioned to lead in the development of next-generation capacitor products for vehicle electrification and other applications where reductions in weight and volume, as well as performance in harsh operating environments, are required.”

Delphi Technologies is a $4.5bn spin off from Delphi Automotive in December 2017 to focus on more environmentally friendly technologies. PolyCharge was formed by Sigma Technologies in September 2017 to develop and commercialise NanoLam for electric drive vehicles, renewable energy inverters, medical, aerospace, and industrial mobility applications.




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