Deltavation to integrate its AC and PoE based lamps into the Gooee platform

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Deltavation provides the only PoE (Power over Ethernet), sensor enabled replacement solution for fluorescent lamps in operation today worldwide. Integrated with Gooee’s data services, thousands of companies worldwide will be able to replace outdated fluorescent lighting with the most advanced lighting solutions, enabling footfall monitoring, energy management, human engagement and more.

Deltavation’s patented linear LED lamps combine excellent lighting performance with smart lighting features such as internal control node, wireless communication, sensor enabled, colour tuning, and direct-to-lamp PoE connectivity.

“We see the powerful synergy that the Gooee ecosystem creates with our replaceable data harvesting lamps, offering a complete solution to the industry and our go-to-market partnerships. It’s a secure platform and one that aligns with our goals of providing cost-effective, future-proof, intelligent LED lighting with extensive services, such as equipment location, systems integration, wireless connectivity and people positioning, that both the lighting and property market have been waiting for”, said Mike May, Founder and CEO at Deltavation in a company statement.

A single IoT lighting solution for smart buildings, Gooee is the first to bring together lighting control, beacon networking and space analytics to provide application specific data for developers, building occupiers, property owners and managers.

“The partnership is an example of working together to provide companies with an IoT data service, using Lighting-as-a-Host, that can transform our understanding of how we occupy building spaces, whilst delivering cost savings and revenue-generating insights”, completed Neil Salt, co-founder and Managing Director at Gooee.

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