Designs use power and RF GaN devices for 100W and 300W wireless chargers

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By Nick Flaherty

Shown for the first time at the PCIM exhibtion this week, the 100W design supports systems from 70 W to 100 W and the 300 W power amplifier supports designs from 150 W to 1 kW. 

Both power amplifiers have a range of features including current or voltage control, built-in protection circuitry, EMI filtering, and configurable output power. The amplifiers combine GaN systems power transistors with high frequency GaN E-HEMT drivers from pSemi.

The 100W GSWP100W-EVBPA evaluation board is aimed at the consumer market for items such as laptop computers, recreation drones, domestic aide robots, power tools, and fast-charging of multiple smart phones while the 300W GSWP300W-EVBPA is targeted for the industrial and transportation markets for applications that include delivery drones, warehousing robots, medical units, factory automation, contractor power tools, eBikes, and scooters. This uses the 650V / 30A, 50mΩ GS66508B power E-HEMT device  in a 300W 6.78MHz class EF2 power amplifier that can operate up to a power level of 1000W in constant current mode or constant voltage mode with a high speed GaN driver.

“Our GaN solutions are creating opportunities for the development of high-power, high efficiency power systems in applications such as wireless power transfer and charging,” said Paul Wiener, Vice-President, Strategic Marketing for GaN Systems. “The power ecosystem has changed. There is now availability of high dv/dt level-shifters, fast response IC sensing and control, low-loss high frequency magnetics, and high performing GaN transistor and amplifier capabilities that are enabling smaller, lighter, lower cost, and more efficient power systems.”



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