Deterministic DBMS available for Nucleus RTOS

Deterministic DBMS available for Nucleus RTOS

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By Rich Pell

eXtremeDB/rt is the first commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) embedded database system to enforce database transaction deadlines, making it uniquely suitable for embedded systems with hard real-time constraints. As an ACID-compliant DBMS, eXtremeDB/rt guarantees internal consistency, but with real-time features also guarantees external consistency when transactions complete within their deadline. With two real-time transaction algorithm implementations, eXtremeDB/rt can be adapted to most any execution pattern, including periodic and aperiodic transactions.

The Nucleus RTOS from Siemens Embedded, available since 1993, has been widely adopted for medical, industrial, consumer, aerospace, and Internet of Things (IoT) systems. Nucleus combines a small footprint and lightweight process model with support for SMP, power management, graphics and safety certification.

“Real-time embedded systems are growing increasingly complex, often requiring sophisticated sensor data fusion, which implies centralized management of data ingested from multiple sources,” says Chris Mureen, McObject Chief Operating Officer. “Before eXtremeDB/rt, developers either had to invent their own solution for database transaction deadline management or integrate a non-real-time embedded database and hope it would be good enough.”

Jeff Hancock, Siemens Embedded Senior Product Manager says, “McObject’s eXtremeDB/rt allows Nucleus customers to have a truly embedded database solution that allows them to meet the determinism they require in a commercial-off-the-shelf solution. eXtremeDB/rt helps Nucleus customers manage ever-growing data requirements.”

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