Digital direction finding receiver offers 120MHz instantaneous bandwidth

Digital direction finding receiver offers 120MHz instantaneous bandwidth

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The dual channel digital wideband receiver IZT R4000-DF2 covers a frequency range from 20MHz up to 6GHz with an impressive 120MHz instantaneous bandwidth. The R4000-DF2 features a flexible real-time fast Fourier transform (FFT) processor to save valuable computing time in the customer's direction finding (DF) processing software and to shorten the time needed for scans and signal detection.
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Based on the hardware of the new IZT R4000 digital receiver and signal collection system, the wideband DF receiver features an additional fast, frame-synchronous antenna switch and a calibration source. Customers benefit from the R4000’s improved dynamic range in high-bandwidth applications, which is perfectly adapted to the need of modern COMINT and ELINT systems, wideband satellite surveillance and continuous broadband radio signal recording. The unit offers two 1GBit Ethernet output interfaces per receive channel and for customers who look for more than 2GBit output, a 10GBit option is available.

The IZT R4000-DF2 uses FPGA based signal processing to deliver FFT spectra via LAN to the customer’s DF processing software. The FFT length of 32,768 provides 5kHz frequency resolution at maximum bandwidth. The devices’ gain can be controlled automatically (AGC) or manually in 2dB-steps. Customers can minimize the detection time by using the optional 10 GBit interface. The data format is similar to the IZT R3000 wideband monitoring receiver format, which simplifies the integration into existing DF environments. The receiver mountable into 19-inch racks and requires 3U rack space per channel.

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