Digital servo inclinometers deliver total error band of less than 0.08° over the -20 to +70°C range

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The sensors are suitable for use in a wide variety of industrial and military applications where high precision angular measurements are required and high levels of vibration and mechanical shock up to 1,250g may be experienced.
The inclinometers are programmed with unique output characteristics over temperature, to optimise unit accuracy. Models are available in a variety of angular ranges from +/-5° to +/-60° with RS485 ASCII outputs and electrical terminations provided via a connector. Output bandwidth ranges are configurable to 20Hz with options for custom connectors and electrical filters.

The DSIC employs a servo-inclinometer element to sense inclination to a very high accuracy with almost zero hysteresis. Internal temperature and
linearity compensation is programmed into the DSI during calibration. This ensures that the output is never outside a 0.08° error margin from true input angle, at any temperature and any angle within its compensated range.
The sensors incorporate dynamic filtering to eliminate unwanted vibration and noise, as well as to ensure rapid response times. A low pass filter with a 3dB cut-off frequency at 20Hz is designed to ensure a 40dB per decade attenuation. The dynamic filter also accommodates low cut-off frequencies for vibration rejection, without sacrificing step-response time.

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