Digital signage player runs on low-cost Raspberry Pi

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The new player complements the andersDX portfolio of x86 and ARM based players, and offers a hardware platform supporting Signagelive, INSM and Open Splash content management systems for under £300.

Features like multiple zones, multiple layers, smooth animation and cinematic effects such as depth of field are all integral to the player. Three leading digital signage content management systems have been integrated onto the Raspberry Pi, giving users a fully professional platform.

The companies are offering the Raspberry Pi based player fully cased as a Stand Alone Media Player or an OPS Media Player. Both can receive content via Ethernet or (optional) WiFi and render it to an attached screen of up to 1920x1080p (Full HD) resolution. The Stand Alone player is equipped with HDMI, RS-232, Ethernet, GPIO and USB 2.0 Interfaces.

The OPS player is based on Intel’s specification and comes with the appropriate 80-pin connector. The players draw just 7W and a UPS mode maintains the power supply from a battery for seven minutes in the event of temporary disconnection.

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