Digital signal conditioner for Rogowski coils

Digital signal conditioner for Rogowski coils

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The Rogowski coils output voltage is proportional to the derivative of primary current. An electrical integrator circuit is therefore necessary to convert this signal, so it is proportional to the value of the primary current. This integrator is an essential component in current measurement with a Rogowski coil, and the amplification stage architecture and implementation have a major impact on the sensor’s electrical performance such as linearity, phase-shift and frequency bandwidth.

With a linearity error below 0.1% and combined with LEM ART & ARU class 0.5 Rogowski coils, it offers a universal metering and monitoring solution with an exceptional measurement accuracy up to 5000 A.

The integrator AI-PMUL covers in one universal product all the ratings that are expected. The setting of the current range, input sensitivity and output selection is made through a simple, reliable and error free system using ergonomic push buttons (x2) and visible bi-colour led where green is for current range and red is for input sensitivity and output selection. Users can select between 12 current ranges from 100 A to 5000 A, 6 Rogowski coil sensitivity from 22.5 to 120 mV/kA and 6 possible outputs (4 true RMS output: 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA, 0-5 V and 0-10 V and 2 instantaneous voltage outputs: 0-225 mV and 0-333 mV). The AI-PMUL comes in a 100x78x15mm unit to be mounted on a 35mm DIN rail.


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