DIN rail supply adds IO-Link port

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By Nick Flaherty

The data from the IO-Link port on the DIMENSION QT40.241-B2 can help increase system availability and reduce maintenance and operating costs. THis allows the supply to also act as a sensor node and make a significant contribution to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

“A power supply is situated at a central nodal point in any system,“ said Marco van der Linden, UK Country manager for Puls. ”There is more than just output current flowing, a power supply can be used to record a significant amount of real-time information that is of particular interest to the end user as well as the system manufacturer.”

The QT40.241-B2 is the first 3-phase DIN rail power supply (24V / 40A) from Puls that makes this system data available to users via an I/O port. It provides a trusted power supply technology combined with the new IO-Link feature. Key specifications include 3-phase, 960W, 24V at 40A, 95.3% efficiency, +50% BonusPower for 5s, 100A for 10ms to trip circuit breakers, Active PFC (harmonic correction) and full power over the temperature range -25°C and +60°C in just an 110mm wide DIN-Rail enclosure. The IO-Link v1.1 (IEC 61131-9) networking function features a 4-pole M12 plug connector, transmission speed: COM 3, (< 230.4 kBaud) and integrated non-volatile memory.

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