Direct PCB connection up to 12A

Direct PCB connection up to 12A

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W+P Products has expanded its product portfolio with an SMT terminal as a single contact, which ensures a direct PCB connection with simple handling, since additional soldering is not required.
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The new 5940 series offers an interface as a detachable connection on LED PCBs and for industrial applications. This secure current supply is equipped without a housing to avoid excess component dimensions. Positioned directly on the PCB, the SMT terminal has a low installation height of 3mm and is suitable for both tin-plated multi and single strands. Equipped with screwless-type lockings, the terminal is suitable for cables with wire cross-section ranging from AWG 18 to AWG 26. Current rating level is 12A (AWG 18), or 5A (AWG 26). The contact material consists of phosphor bronze and the contact surface is matte tin over nickel, contact resistance is under 20 mΩ. Mechanical durability of at least five mating cycles is ensured.

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