Direct ToF distance measurement extended

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By Peter Clarke

The sensor uses an integrated VCSEL infrared emitter, multiple SPAD (single photon avalanche photo-diode) light detectors, time-to-digital converter, and on-chip microcontroller for processing histograms. The TMF8801 is more than 30 percent smaller than competing ToF sensors and works both indoors and under sunlight.

For display-based products such as mobile computing, the TMF8801 can be used for user presence detection to automatically wake up or put the system into a low-power sleep mode based on the presence or absence of a user.

The TMF8801 is housed in a 2.2mm by 3.6mm by 1.0mm package and is in volume production. Unit pricing is $2.89 in order quantities of 5,000 pieces.

“The new TMF8801 direct ToF sensor which complements the TMF8701 short range ToF sensor released in 2018, provides extended distance range sensing for smartphones,” said Dave Moon, senior product marketing manager at AMS, in a statement.

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