Discovery Dish for Weather Satellite Monitoring

Discovery Dish for Weather Satellite Monitoring

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By Wisse Hettinga

Discovery Dish is a 65-cm diameter aluminum satellite dish and active filtered feed designed for receiving weather satellites that operate around 1.69 GHz

The dish is designed to weigh under one kilogram, and it splits into three petals, making it easier to ship worldwide. The 1.69 GHz feed contains a built-in LNA right at the feed point, as well as filtering, which means that there is almost no noise figure loss from cables or connectors. To amplify the weak signals transmitted by weather satellites, Discovery Dish incorporates the Qorvo QPL9547 high-linearity, ultra-low-noise amplifier in a small 2 x 2 mm surface-mount package.

The 1.69 GHz active feed that comes with the dish can be swapped out for an optional 1.42 GHz feed optimized for hydrogen line observation and radio astronomy experiments. This will be one of the easiest radio astronomy projects to set up, making it great for radio astronomy beginners and educational institutions.

The disc will come with a fully metal outdoor electronics enclosure that can be pole mounted. It can be used to hold a compute device like a Raspberry Pi, an RTL-SDR or other software-defined radio, and still have room enough for other power components, such as a PoE splitter. The metal enclosure blocks any interference from the Raspberry Pi and PoE components, which could disturb the sensitive dish. The enclosure also serves as a heat sink with thermal pads that can be placed under the mounting sheet.

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