DMQ launches smaller MEMS micro valve

DMQ launches smaller MEMS micro valve

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This is 36 percent smaller than the company’s established MEMS based device the PDA-3-10.

The silQflo is designed to control fluid pressure or flow rates with precision and fast response times. It has contamination tolerance rated to 20/19/16 as per the ISO 4406:1999 standard. The microvalve series has been proven on automotive transmission test to withstand up to 10,000 particles greater than 4-micron in size, per ml of fluid.

Typical fluids for which it is suitable include hydraulic oils, refrigerants, gases N2, CO2, ultra-dry air and electrically non-conductive high boiling point liquids. It has a maximum operating pressure of 500psi and is rated for 8 million open-close cycles.

The unit is electro-thermally driven controlled by varying applied power to the actuator. The microvalve is configured as a 3-port proportional pressure control valve or it can also be configured as a 2-port proportional flow control valve.

"We are excited to introduce the latest generation of the silQflo microvalve," said Parthiban Arunasalam, CEO of DMQ, in a statement. "DMQ continues to push the envelope in size reduction of the overall footprint of the microvalve, while maintaining the required characteristics of a valve for macro flow applications."

DMQ plans to phase out its older MEMS device, the PDA-3-10, by the end of 2015, the company said.

The company was created in December 2011 when the privately-owned Microstaq Inc. was acquired by Zhejiang Dun’an Artificial Environment Co. Ltd. (Hangzhou, China).

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