DNA-based memory startup adds $6 million

DNA-based memory startup adds $6 million
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Startup Iridia Inc. (Carlsbad, Calif.) has gained an additional US$6 million in equity capital to help pursue its memory based on synthetic DNA.
By Peter Clarke


The round was led by Prime Movers Lab and general partner Amy Kruse joins Iridia’s board of directors. It comes just eight months after Iridia closed a Series B of equity funding of US$24 million (see DNA-based memory startup raises $24 million).

The two rounds will be used to double Iridia’s headcount and fund the development of working prototypes.

The company claims the use of DNA to store data will both increase data density and durability compared with conventional storage technologies. Kruse said that whereas magnetic tape lasts for about 8 to 10 years DNA storage will have a half-life of 500 years. The use of DNA-based storage would reduce the physical and carbon footprints of commercial data centers, the company added.

Iridia’s method of data storage integrates semiconductor technology with enzyme-based chemistry to add DNA-based bits representing 0s and 1s in a programmable fashion.

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