Docea Power improves its thermal modelling tools’ solvers and usability

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AceThermalModeler generates compact thermal models for System on Chips (SoCs), 3D ICs, Systems in Package (SiPs) or complete board. Aceplorer 3.1 features a new solver for coupled power and thermal transient simulations featuring 1000x performance gains over the previous versions. It also features a communication protocol for 3rd party tools that enables co-simulation with timed virtual platforms or performance analysis tools.

Co-simulation of timed virtual platforms and Aceplorer models allow users to simulate dynamic power and thermal management strategies using real use cases where simulation duration ranges from a few seconds to tens of minutes. AceThermalModeler 2.0 improves usability and has an enhanced graphical user interface to ease the modeling. Models generated with AceThermalModeler are imported in Aceplorer for transient and steady state thermal response to use case based power stimuli.

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