Document authentication solution leverages blockchain

Document authentication solution leverages blockchain

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By Rich Pell

Easy to integrate into existing infrastructures, dLoc allows the reliable authentication of any vital documents, from birth certificates to land titles to medical records. Combining the simplicity of NFC with the functionality of Smart Cosmos and the security of blockchain technology, dLoc provides a feasible, off-the-shelf solution to the challenge of document verification and authentication, hence eliminating the weakest link in the identity chain.

The solution can be applied to almost any document, using a printed barcode representing a number, as well as linking personalized data to the document itself. A dLoc sticker is applied to the document. That sticker contains a Smartrac Bullseye NFC inlay, within which is integrated a security chip chosen from a range of different chip platforms with storage capacities between 1kB and 64kB. In addition, dLoc stickers support all the security features, like guilloches, UV print, micro text or latent image normally found in high-security documents.

To enable document authentication in the course of the issuance process, document data is married with the unique ID of the NFC tag to create a 32-bit hash value, which is only recognizable by the issuing agency using a private key. The hash value is stored in Smart Cosmos and backed up in a public blockchain. Once that has happened, the document with the dLoc sticker can be verified using a desktop reader, or more likely, a mobile app on an NFC-enabled phone.

Smartrac’s proprietary IoT platform Smart Cosmos utilizes Factom’s data integrity solutions to encrypt, record, and secure Smart Cosmos entries into its public blockchain. Once the hash value is created, the value itself and every verification (read) process is recorded in Smart Cosmos and the Factom Blockchain.

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