Dow Corning expands optical silicone encapsulants for LEDs

Dow Corning expands optical silicone encapsulants for LEDs

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By Julien Happich

Offering extra high thermal and optical stability with optimized refractive indexes, hardness and gas barrier properties, these five new products broaden design latitudes for very high power LED packages, such as ceramic substrate-based surface mount device (SMD), chip on-board (COB) and plastic leaded chip carrier (PLCC) packaging. The OE-7840, OE-7841, OE-7843, OE-7810 and OE-7820 Optical Encapsulants fall into two separate categories of targeted performance properties, but all deliver superior photothermal stability and reliability at sustained temperatures of 150°C. The first three products deliver optimized refractive indexes (1.5, 1.48 and 1.5 respectively) with good gas barrier properties for the and other features to improve both efficiency and reliability of high-power PLCC LED packages. The OE-7840 and OE-7841 products respectively offer RIs of 1.5 and 1.48 to allow designers to optimize light output while ensuring their LED packages have good gas barrier properties for the OE-7840, OE-7841 and anti-silver corrosion properties for the OE-7843, enabling high-power PLCC LED packages to withstand severe environmental conditions. The two remaining new products, OE-7810 and OE-7820 target high-power COB and ceramic substrate-based SMD LED packages, where very high thermal resistance is the priority and corrosive silver is not used. OE-7810 provides a hardness of Shore A55 for packaging applications that require higher elongation for improved durability under thermal cycling and OE-7820 is rated Shore A70 for higher hardness that can contribute to better handling and minimal dust pick up.

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