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The software-based DSP lab exercises have been constructed to work in conjunction with the NEXTWave Signal Processing Lab (SPL) software application. The pairing of an intuitive graphical environment with easy-to-follow lab exercises allows students to concentrate on DSP concepts being taught, and reduces the learning curve that is typically associated with students having to work with software-based tooling.

NEXTWave DSP labs are presented in an easy-to-follow format that provides students with an interactive hands-on session and contribute to a dynamic learning experience. The understanding and study of signal processing concepts and applications is accentuated by a vivid, 3-dimensional gesture-based display and programmable analysis environment that mimics a virtual gaming world in which signals and their interaction are set as the focal point.

Topics of study addressed by the DSP labs include: sampling and aliasing, quantization and compression, periodic signals and harmonics, Fourier Series and Gibbs phenomenon, acquisition and generation of analog signals, windowing, convolution, IIR and FIR filters, transforms, digital audio effects, and real-world signal processing application examples. The lab exercises include sophisticated time/frequency domain analysis, including powerful spectrographic displays. The DSP Labs are available via a free download to qualifying academic institutions.

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