Dual output DC-DC converter chips simplify power supply designs

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By Nick Flaherty

Analog Devices (ADI) has introduced three dual channel synchronous step down DC-DC converter chips with low EMI performance and stackable outputs to simplify power supply designs.

The LT8650S, LT8652S and LT8653S dual-channel 4A/8.5A/2A Silent Switcher converters targeted for automotive, communications and solid state drive power supplies.

The proprietary Silent Switcher 2 architecture along with spread spectrum frequency modulation an integrated bypass capacitors ensures PCB layout robustness to achieve EMI performance that easily meets CISPR25 emissions. The parts delivers efficiency as high as 94.4% (12VIN to 5VOUT) at an output of 2A and switching frequency of 2MHz. The input ranges from 3.0V to 42V with an adjustable and synchronisable frequency of 300kHz to 3MHz.

The LT8650S, LT8652S and LT8653S are also differentiated with their stackable-friendly outputs for higher current applications.  Outputs can be paralleled to scale up or down the output current based on the system need while optimising thermal performance.

The stackable outputs also help to minimise inventory and qualification time with a single device. For example, the LT8652S provides 8.5A DC from each channel simultaneously or up to 12A on either channel. Synchronising two LT8652S chips can achieve a 4-phase, 34A supply.

The LT8650S is packaged in a 4 x 6mm LQFN and proced at $5.75, while the LT8652S measures 4 x 7mm at $4.50 and the LT8653S measures 4 x 3mm and is priced at $4.02.

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