Dual ridge horn antenna for  EMI testing

Dual ridge horn antenna for EMI testing

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By Jean-Pierre Joosting

The line of EMC antennas will include a biconical antenna, a log-periodic array, a log/biconical hybrid, and several dual-ridge horns to cover various frequency bands from 20 MHz to 40 GHz applicable to various EMC product standards. Additionally, MVG will add a rod antenna and a loop antenna to cover EMI testing from 9 kHz to 40 GHz.

The first product of this line is the EH118, a dual-ridge horn antenna that will operate from 1-18 GHz. This antenna offers superior performance. It has a balanced, smooth antenna factor curve that extends all the way to 18 GHz, a reduction of higher order modes on the aperture and low return loss (SVSWR). The EH118 is ideal for commercial, military and automotive test standards and will include applicable calibrations.

Key features of the EMC dual ridge horn antenna are:

  • single linear polarization;
  • smooth/balanced gain with frequency;
  • low return loss / VSWR;
  • ultrawide bandwidth (18:1).

Its unique design prevents the excitation of unwanted high order modes in the aperture. The antenna has a well-defined smooth radiation pattern throughout the operational bandwidth and a robust and lightweight mechanical design. It is also precision-machined and has a high reliability N coaxal connector.

MVG will demo this latest product line as well as its latest family of absorbers at the EMC Europe 2016 symposium taking place at the main campus of Wroclaw University of Technology (WrUT) in Poland.

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