Dual-row SMT connector family with a 0.8mm pitch

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Secure mating is ensured by coding and blind mate guide alignments, providing an increased locking range. To support various PCB applications, parallel (Mezzanine), orthogonal (90 °) and coplanar configurations are available. With different heights for the male and female connectors board-to-board distances from 5 to 20mm can be realized for Mezzanine applications.

Despite the miniaturization the new connectors offer a high mating tolerance with allowed misalignment tolerances of longitudinal and transverse axes of ± 0.7mm. The allowed angular inclination tolerance is specified with ± 4 degree. The manufacturer provides IDC ribbon cable connections for interconnections over longer distances. The IDC female connectors provide interlocking with snap-on feature and support AWG 34. The cable pitch is 0.4mm based on the 2-row connector configuration. The female cable connector and the male connector provide a vibration resistant mating. The robust Class 1 connectors are specified for > 500 mating cycles while the current capacity per contact is up to 0.5A at 20°C.

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