Duranex plastics are optimized for ADAS applications

Duranex plastics are optimized for ADAS applications

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

In drive-by-wire systems, the actuator requires a higher degree of reliability as ADAS parts become increasingly sophisticated and electronic controls are automated. Duranex PBT from Polyplastics is used in many electrical actuator parts because it maintains its performance in harsh environments. Underbody parts are exposed to water and snow melting agents from road surfaces as well as oil and other substances. These parts also heat up because they are located near the engine, traction drive and other heat-generating parts. PBT is therefore selected for many actuator parts because of its high heat resistance, excellent chemical resistance and low water absorption rate.

Duranex PBT 330HR, 531HS and 532AR are grades with the superior durability (hydrolysis resistance) necessary to withstand such conditions. Duranex 532AR offers resistance to alkaline materials and does not show slight stress cracking even in contact with metal rust liquid. This makes it ideal for automotive parts on the underside of the vehicle.

In communication equipment, flame retardant PBT resins are also in demand for applications in high voltage engines, batteries and chargers. Duranex PBT 750AM is a UL V-0 grade with high resistance in vehicle-integrated environments. As it also has the ability to stabilize the shapes of housings and connectors, this grade has been increasingly used in recent years in automotive parts that require flame retardancy.

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