Dynamic NFC-screen overlays multiple NFC tags within the displayed content

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By eeNews Europe

The screen features a grid of embedded NFC tags connected to the screen controller, or the application’s processor, enabling the tags to change the display content based on user interaction or the information fetched from NFC phones. Any of the multiple embedded NFC tags can be highlighted on the video display and the NFC content and video content change dynamically and synchronously. The Dynamic NFC can also read the identity of the NFC phone allowing total personalization of content for this individual user who chooses to opt-in.

A very basic use would display a sequence of videos presenting fashion items with target marks allowing consumers to access more information or an m-commerce site to buy the product. The perfect local synchronization between image and multiple NFC function makes campaigns easy to build, but also opens a path to totally new interactive scenarios:

  1. Coupons can be hidden in interactive games or questionnaires;
  2. Coupons can become dynamic, changing value with time or according to the profile of the individual consumer;
  3. Consumers can navigate through a product catalogue and directly order products that are presented with instant access high quality video. The company makes available a Dynamic NFC-Screen SDK that uses a simple script programming language to build exciting interactive campaigns.


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