Dynamic pixel tuning supports monolithic microLED display

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By Peter Clarke

Poro Technologies Ltd. (Cambridge, England) has unveiled a technology called Dynamic Pixel Tuning for use with its GaN-based microLED displays.

This makes it possible to create full-colour or tunable-colour displays using pixels with identical output from a single wafer to achieve color uniformity while eliminating complex fabrication processes.

Poro Technologies, which trades as Porotech, claims this will accelerate the commercialisation of microLED displays for AR/MR/VR applications, smart wearable devices, smart displays and large-scale direct view displays.

At this stage, proof-of-concept displays are tuneable in red, green and blue monocolor formats, with uniform brightness and colour for display products in the micron and nanometer pixel space. Porotech said that dynamic pixel tunable would be applied to a monolithic full-colour RGB display soon.

“We have revolutionised GaN-based semiconductor materials and structures, which underpins our breakthrough of realising all colours on a single pixel across the full spectrum,” said Tongtong Zhu, CEO of Porotech, in a statement. “PoroGaN’s wavelength-agnostic optoelectronic properties also simplify electronic and optoelectronic system design integration.”

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