E-bike drive system combines compactness with efficiency

E-bike drive system combines compactness with efficiency

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

Typically, e-bike mid-mounted motors are driven by an electric motor and a combination of gears and planetary gears, which makes this type of mid-mounted motor clunky, heavy and noisy. More moving parts also mean more things that can break and act as a source of noise. By using the TQ Group’s patented HPR (Harmonic Pin Ring) gear, the supplier sees itself in a position to develop a lightweight and extremely compact motor design around the bottom bracket, consisting of only a few parts and making the motor virtually invisible. By dispensing with additional gears that cause friction, noise, wear and potential sources of error, the drive unit could be made even more efficient.

The complete system consists of the HPR50 Drive Unit with HPR technology, a battery with a capacity of 360 Wh and a weight of 1835 g, a fully integrated 2″ display for the handlebar and a minimalist remote control unit. The drive offers 300 W of power and 50 Nm of torque.

“We were not concerned with maximum feasible power when developing the TQ drive. Our goal was to enable an e-bike that is agile and light and that, above all, provides a natural riding feel,” explains Daniel Theil, Product Manager for e-bike drives at TQ. “The result is responsive, very sporty e-bikes that are hardly recognisable as such visually and weigh only 16 to 18 kg, depending on the equipment. At only 3,900 grams, our system is not only the lightest system in its class, but it also has the highest torque density.”

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