€2.3m to scale up indoor solar cell production in Europe

€2.3m to scale up indoor solar cell production in Europe

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By Nick Flaherty

Epishine in Sweden  has received a grant of SEK 25m (€2.3m) from the EU’s LIFE fund to boost the development of indoor solar cells for the Internet of Things (IoT).

The Sunrise project is using printed flexible organic solar cells from Epishine that are optimised for indoor light to power sensors and wireless links in homes and offices. It aims to scale up Epishine’s rol-to-roll production technology in order to increase the availability of organic indoor solar cells.

The LIFE programme has been running since 1992, and celebrated its 30th anniversary in May this year. It has co-financed more than 5,500 projects across the EU and countries outside the EU for clean technology with funding from 2021 to 2027 of €5.4bn. 

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”Since properties consume a significant portion of our total energy consumption, it feels extremely important to be able to contribute to the necessary energy optimization with the help of sensors,” said Anna Björklou, CEO of Epishine (above, with the solar cell). “Together with our customers, we can offer solutions that use self-sufficient electronics to reduce energy consumption and thus costs in properties. Energy optimization will be critical to ensure that the energy available can meet our future needs.”  

“LIFE Sunrise will be an important step in our journey to provide an environmentally friendly power supply to the market. It is also a springboard for our scalable process to find more and more applications, fulfilling our long-term vision of planetary impact,” said Anders Elwing, Passion Manager at Epishine.

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